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June 28 – July 2

1 pm EST

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This program has changed my life and my business. I start my day with it every morning and can’t imagine a life without it now.


Tara Garrison, Fitness/Health Coach


My gross income went from $119,000 in the first 5 1/2 months of the year to $364,000 from June to October 2020.


Gerald Cleveland, Restoration Business Owner


Finding my purpose and vision have been huge in narrowing my focus and allowing me to take steps forward in my journey!


Zane Beadles, NFL Pro Bowl Athlete

    Five things successful people do before unsuccessful people even wake up.

    Five things successful people do before unsuccessful people even wake up.

    5. They do everything else on this list before they touch their phones

    If you're among the 99% of people who reach for their phones as soon as they wake up, you are forfeiting your chance to set the tone for your day. And you are doing it the very minute you wake up! Give yourself the best chance of success and skip the phone until you've done everything else on this list.

    4. Successful people make a list of what they intend to accomplish

    All success starts with a clear vision. Making this list is how you create your vision for the day. This is why Number 5 is so critical. If you try to make your list after you look at the news, read your email, or scroll social media, you will be creating a reactive list. Your agenda for the day will be driven by the needs, thoughts, and opinions of others.

    Lack of clear vision, or letting your own vision be crowded out by the demands of others, is one of the biggest reasons you will struggle to take your success to the next level. How can you expect to achieve success if you haven't clearly defined what success looks like? A vision that is clear and connected to purpose will set you in motion with a level of focus and determination that makes your success inevitable.

    Do you want a clear vision for your success?

    3. They tackle the most challenging thing on their list immediately

    Confidence isn't a state of mind. It is a byproduct of success. If you are feeling stuck at your current level, it's most likely because fear of failure has you trapped in inaction. Most people avoid their biggest challenges, mistakenly believing that the act of "keeping busy" will be enough to feel a sense of success and accomplishment. This is a recipe for endless grind and burnout.

    Successful people understand the importance of starting with your biggest challenge in order to get out of your comfort zone first thing in the morning. Once completed, the confidence from that success will drive your entire day and you'll be unstoppable.

    Do you want to feel unstoppable?

    2. Successful people minimize the amount of time spent on their image or appearance

    When you look in your closet in the morning, what are you thinking about? Is it how you want to feel that day? Is it what clothes will help you accomplish your vision for the day? Or—more likely—is it about the people on your calendar that day and what you should wear to impress them? 

    Dressing for the day you have envisioned, rather than for the people on your calendar, is one more way to take control of your day and ensure that you are acting to fulfill your vision.

    1. Successful people have such a clear vision for their lives and such passion for pursuing it that they wake up before the alarm each day

    Successful people don't waste their time and energy in pursuit of someone else's version of success. They create the life they want. How much of your time and energy are you burning every day—how many of your meaningful relationships are you damaging each day—as you grind away trying to achieve success? And whose version of success are you trying to achieve anyway?

    Most people measure success with money. But here's the thing: money can only buy happiness if you know what makes you happy.

    Health, wealth, and happiness can all be yours—on your terms and in whatever abundance you desire. Are you ready to learn how?

    If you want authentic success,
    don't miss this workshop.

    If you want authentic success, don't miss this workshop.

    If success always feels just out of reach

    If there's never enough time in the day

    If you are exhausted from the grind

    If you are hoping there is an easier way


    If success always feels just out of reach

    If there's never enough time in the day

    If you are exhausted from the grind

    If you are hoping there is an easier way


    What to expect from this free
    five-day experience

    What to expect from this free five-day workshop


    Live training with Tony Child

    Join our live events—an hour/day for five days—and be taught the principles and processes used by professional athletes and the most successful individuals.

    Tony is an expert on human performance. In these training sessions he will teach you:

    – The true problem that is keeping you stuck
    – How to build an authentic vision for your life that will empower you to create your own success
    – How to consistently create the breakthroughs needed to accelerate your success.


    Build immediate momentum through application

    You'll receive a 3X Accelerator Workbook and be assigned a few minutes of homework each night. The assignments will allow you to feel the effects of applying that day's principles.


    3X Accelerator Facebook Group

    When you register for the event, you'll also become part of a Facebook community of individuals just as dedicated to success as you are. 

    Stay informed as the event gets closer
    • View the live training sessions
    • Receive insights and accountability

    No need to wait!
    You can join our 3X Accelerator community and begin your journey right now.

    Don't miss out on your chance to accelerate!

    Success doesn't have to be gradual or incremental. You can make HUGE leaps in your life and achieve astonishing levels of success—in money, in happiness, in relationships.